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Need a job? Get social – in a networking kind of way

May 4, 2009

By Erica Perez of the Journal Sentinel

When University of Wisconsin-Madison alum Rebecca Thorman went after a job leading Magnet, a nonprofit organization that seeks to attract and retain young professionals, her blog was key to snagging the position because it showed interviewers she was an expert on Generation Y. »Read Full Article


Great tips provided in this story – including burying your digital dirt. Want more help building and growing your social network for your job search?

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Facebook & Privacy: What are your thoughts?

February 25, 2009

One of my clients asked: “Do you find that Facebook is the place for networking? I tend to want to keep that behavior focused on Linked In, as I don’t use that environment in the same way…”

My reply:
First, I am a huge fan of LinkedIn, especially for professional networking and job search. However, Facebook is fast becoming the “next best thing” for the 35 and older crowd. Here is a chance to let your personality shine. But no matter where you are online, it is important to keep it professional. 83% of employers Google their employees and interview candidates, so the chance that you can be found online is a pretty sure thing.

As you know, anything online goes on your “permanent record” – just like we were told in grade school! Only, with things like the Wayback Machine and other resources, it is actually true.

Whatever you put out there online, think, “What would my mom say about that?” or “What would my boss think about that?”

I do think you are smart in tightening up your privacy settings. Very smart! I think it gives you a little more freedom.

Let me know your thoughts. – W.

Great Facebook tips on Numb3rs

February 18, 2009

Here’s a link to last week’s Numb3rs episode – where there are a TON of great tips on how to use Facebook. Enjoy!

White-collar workers hit by recession

February 16, 2009

Courtesy of

The number of unemployed white-collar workers is up 92% in the last 12 months, the steepest climb of any occupational group, according to the latest government data. Unemployment among college graduates is up 90% during the same font. »Read Full Article

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Job Search: Make it Simple

November 12, 2008

I saw this article in today’s JSOnline and something clicked:

Boys’ invention is worth its salt

November 11, 2008 12:35 a.m. | Why didn’t we think of it? That’s how Ariens Co. engineers reacted when they first saw the snow-thrower accessory invented by sixth-grade students Matt Moran and Sam Hipple. »Read Full Article


Now that you’ve read the story, think about your own job search. Have you made things too complicated? Here are 5 tips to simplify your search:

1. The Networking Monster: Have you created a networking monster? “Hey, know anyone who’s hiring?” – that’s the monster I’m talking about. Check out our newsroom for tips to tame the monster and make your networking efforts simple, easy, and FUN.

2. The Long Boring Resume: Is your resume filled with complex language, industry jargon, and other non-essentials that make it 5 pages long? Pass it around to your friends. If they ask you to explain things or look confused, it’s too long, too complex, and too boring. Trim the fat. Focus on results. Accomplishments demonstrate your value and the employer’s potential ROI on their investment in hiring you.

3. The Drama Queen — or King: Are you whining about your situation to everyone? Remember attitude is everything. It’s OK to express your opinion and grieve for your job loss, but then turn it around. “I always hire attitude over experience,” said one human resources director. “Skills can always be learned.”

4. The Over-Engineered Process: Are you making the job search process so complex that you’re afraid to start? Are you making excuses? (You can’t start until you’ve completely updated your contact database… You can’t start until you have the perfect interview suit… You can’t start because…) Take action and do one thing for your search now! A baby step is better than no step.

5. The View from the Pigeonhole: Target your career focus and your search, but don’t limit yourself to the methods you use in the process. Networking is the No. 1 way people land new gigs. BUT there are many ways to tap your network – both online and off. Contact companies cold. Talk to recruiters. Post your resume online – and follow up. Snail mail your resume to decision-makers – and follow up. Paste your resume into company website application forms – and follow up.

Now is the time to simplify. Take action. One small step in your job search is one giant step toward YOUR new dream gig!

Let us know your favorite – and simple – job search step. Share your stories with us – and inspire others!

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